Hobnobbing with local and football royalty.


Ricardo Fuller

Mark Halsey, football league referee

John Mahoney

Jean Matthews Gough

John Ruggiero, George Berry, Jackie Marsh, John Mahoney and Jimmy Greenhoff

One to Ten poetry collection

Front page news

On stage

Harry Burrows

Denis Smith

John Hilditch (Fergie time linesman/referee)

Micky Thomas

Jimmy Greenhoff

Fan legend Cockney Ted

Division 2 Play Off Final Trophy

Ian Rush

Darren Smallwood (artist), Danny Ayres (DJ), Mickey Thomas, Ben Dyer (entrepreneur), Andrew Edwards (sculptor), Terry Conroy

Jon Walters

Talking to Jon Walters about his poem.

Marvellous with Neil Baldwin

Aged 12/13 mid ’70s.

Inbetween bans, aproximately 2000.

One of many!

Ashton Hulme charity gig 2021.

Valencia away, with my good friend Neil Edwards RIP (far right).

Front page of the Green un 1995/96.

John Lumsden, City full back from the 70s

Keele Speaker of the Year